A collaboration agreement between the Galician Regional Government and the Universities of Santiago and Vigo to develop a Continuous Forest Inventory for Galicia will be signed in the near future

At a press conference held on 13 February by the Xunta de Galicia (Galician Regional Government), the president Alberto Núñez Feijóo announced that authorization had been given to sign an agreement between the Xunta and two universities to develop a Galician Forest Inventory that will be updated annually.

The National Forest Inventory reports estimations of the condition of Spanish forests every ten years. The proposed annual inventory has been specifically designed for Galician forest conditions and is justified by the rapid growth, the ownership of small, scattered plots and the demand for small-scale data. The inventory will provide data for researchers and will help support forest management policies.

The inventory will also enable implementation of the plan to recover traditional chestnut woodlands (soutos) by identifying the area devoted to growing chestnut trees and by monitoring their development and progress.

The inventory will include information obtained by measuring the plots plus the data captured by remote sensors.

UXAFORES (USC) and the Departments of Agroforestry Engineering and of Cartographic and Geodesic Engineering and Photogrammetry in the Forest Engineering School (University of Vigo) are collaborating in this project.

The budget for this three-year agreement is 640,000 euros. The Galician Regional Government will provide 574,000€ and the two universities will contribute the remaining amount.

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