Next Workshop, September 2021 “Workshop on Terrestrial Proximal Sensing for Forest Applications”

The USC research groups PROEPLA and UXAFORES organize a workshop that will take place at the EPSE of Lugo on 1-3 September 2021.

Next Workshop, September 2021 “Workshop on Terrestrial Proximal Sensing for Forest Applications”

The use of information captured by remote sensors has been established as one of the reference techniques for the characterization and monitoring of the state of forests at multiple scales. The strong evolution suffered by these technologies during the last years has meant an increase in the spatial and temporal resolution, allowing its use in applications with an increasing level of detail and at a lower cost. An example of this are the terrestrial proximal sensing techniques, where the capture of sensor information is done from the ground and at reduced distances in relation to the size of the objects to be characterized. At present, remote sensing techniques (airborne and satellite) enjoy a high degree of development that allows their operational use in many forest applications. However, terrestrial techniques are in a more incipient state of development, which limits in some cases their operational use and emphasizes the interest and scientific relevance of the results and experiences with these techniques for forest use.

The Workshop on Terrestrial Proximal Sensing for Forest Applications aims to expose the main scientific-technical advances of these technologies for forest applications. Within the scope of this workshop are the techniques based on terrestrial laser scanner (TLS) and simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM), as well as optical, thermal and other devices in which data capture is performed at ground level.

The workshop will take place at the “Escuela Politécnica Superior de Ingeniería (EPSE)” of the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (Lugo, Spain) from  1st to  3rd September 2021, and will consist of scientific-technical sessions in which participants will present their contributions through oral presentations or posters. These sessions will be held in the morning with a hybrid face-to-face and telematic format. In the afternoon there will be practical sessions of field data collection and its processing and analysis with different technologies (ForEstereo, TLS, LiDAR SLAM and Terrestrial Proximal Photogrammetry). These sessions will preferably be face-to-face and limited to a number of participants that will depend on the capacity limitations determined by the Health Authorities. The workshop will also involve the main manufacturers of devices of proximal sensing technologies with potential for use in forest applications through presentations and practical workshops.



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